Version 2

Virtual Values is Version 2 of the game previously known as Marketing Mayhem. The differences between the two versions are: a greater number of character conversations across a wider range of generic ethical dilemmas; improved functionality; the introduction of 3D animated characters; the use of WebGL so that a plug-in is no longer required; audio for all comic books; a more friendly user interface.


Virtual Values WebGL version runs on a Firefox or Chrome web browser. Javascript needs to be enabled. If accessing on an enterprise system, please check with your IT Department to ensure WebGL is available or request a plug-in version. The game works best with a processor speed of at least 2GHz dual core and a RAM of 2.87GB.

Each level of the game streams separately. A typical level on a connection of roughly 25mb/sec would take about 20-30 seconds to download but this is dependent on the actual speed of the connection.  If the session times out, please refresh and the game level will continue to load having been cached. Once the game is loaded, it should run smoothly if the graphics card is of a high enough quality. If you get the message ‘not enough memory’ this suggests your graphics card is not of a high enough quality to run the game.

Game Objective

The storyline involves the character of Anna who is represented by the player in the first person. Anna is a marketing manager who has just joined the company (GVE), and has been given a marketing target of 20,000 subscriptions to achieve. The player moves through the levels by speaking to characters and collecting clues.

Some clues are needed to move to the next level, some just give you points. Clues are stored in an inventory which you can access anytime by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of your screen. There is a short quiz at the end of each level. Use the clues you’ve collected to help you answer the questions before moving on. You get points from the quizzes too.

Try to get through all the levels to gain enough points to join the Top Ten on the Leader Board.

  1. Your score is only recorded on leaving a level – if you leave before completing, you will need to start that level again.
  2. Check your clue repository (inventory) often to read new clues you have collected.
  3. Leaving the page will close the session.
  4. Use the space bar to freeze the game to access functions (clue repository, map, etc)
  5. Use the map icon to jump from room to room (level 1)
  6. Use the mouse to steer around objects
  7. The ‘W’ key takes you forwards, the ‘S’ key backwards.
  8. Always work in Full Screen mode for maximum functionality.
What To Do

After clicking the Play Game link located on the main navigation bar, register to play. You will be sent 2 email notifications – one to acknowledge your registration request and the other once activation has taken place which provides you with your unique password. Keep this email safe so you can log in anytime.

Step 1:  Log in using your username and password on the ‘play game’ page.

Step 2:  Wait for the first level to load and select ‘full screen’ mode.

Step 3: Choose to ‘hide’ the mouse pointer (when the option prompts you) for easy operation.

Step 4: An instruction screen overlay can be toggled on and off using the ‘I’ button which also allows you to control the game functions (audio, speed, etc). Follow the instructions on the screen using the mouse to steer and keyboard keys “W’ and “S’ to go forward and backward and “A” and “D” to strafe to left or right. The cursor keys can also be used for this.  In the first level (the office) you can use the map icon at the bottom right of the screen to jump from room to room.


You will know you have hit a clue because the message ‘Click to Collect’ appears on the screen. Clicking will allow the clue to be saved in your inventory which you can access anytime in the bottom right folder. Conversations with characters take place which give many points.

Use the spacebar to freeze the screen so you can access the inventory and other features easily.

Points System
  • 10 points for each IMPORTANT CLUE collected. Important clues are easy to spot. They glow with a white pulsating light. Only collecting all the Important Clues will allow you to proceed to the next level.
  • 20 points for each NON-IMPORTANT CLUE collected. Non-Important clues are not easy to spot. They are part of the environment and they don’t glow. Non-Important clues are not necessary for you to advance to the next level but give twice as many points.
  • 20 points for each right answer during conversations. Some characters will want to talk to you after collecting certain clues. For some half right answers you will receive 10 points.
  • 6 points for each clue you read from your inventory. Once a clue is collected it goes in your Inventory. If you open it from there and read it you earn 6 points. The clues in the Inventory will help you answer the questions in the conversations and the quizzes.
  • 5-20 points for each right answer during the Quiz that follows every game level. Be attentive and read the clues while playing the game. They will help you answer better and earn more points.

Your choices in the game will affect what happens in the end. The game has SIX alternative ending scenarios. Some of them are happy, others – not so much. Try to get through all the levels and get as many points as possible to be shown on the leader-board located on the website.


This version has audio recording to aid the user in following the comic book story. More comprehensive accessible functionality is planned for future versions.