The 3D Animated Game Virtual Values was created and developed by Dr Suzy Jagger of the University of Roehampton. Dr Jagger’s research evaluates the effectiveness of teaching methods in developing levels of ethical judgement and sensitivity particularly in relation to teaching Business Ethics. Previously Computing Head of Subject, Dr Jagger has been teaching professional ethics at both undergraduate and masters level for over ten years.

The idea of developing a computer game to teach Business Ethics became a reality after she was awarded an Individual Development Grant from the Higher Education Academy. This led to the first prototype in 2011and further funding from ORT France and other sources. The results far exceed our expectations – a working game that is fun and engaging for both Business Sector workers and students, that can help them relate more directly to ethics in the workplace.

In December 2014 we received further funding from the Park Board Consortium to commercialise the game to market standard and so Version 2 was born. Partners in the new version are The University of Roehampton and ORT France.

Note: Most of the graphics in the game are our original creations and covered under copyright however, we have used some materials that are either free copyright or with the kind permission of the owners. The game was developed using the Unity 3D Game Engine and WebGL.