This game is still undergoing testing and there may therefore be issues that will be resolved in future versions. If you find an issue, please do feedback to us using the email on the contact us page.  If you are experiencing a problem, check the FAQs below to see if there is an easy solution.

How do I see the clues I’ve collected?

Clicking on the inventory folder in the bottom right corner of the screen shows you those clues you have collected. It is worth reading the clue documents as this will help you answer some of the questions you are presented with in the game. When you read a clue you gain 6 points. Press the spacebar to re-enable the mouse so you can click on the folder.

I’m struggling to move around.

It takes a bit of getting used to if you haven’t played PC games before. The best approach is to steer using the mouse and then use the W key to go forward while you steer and the S key to reverse. A bit like driving a car. There is also a map in the bottom right corner in level 1 to jump from room to room.

The game lags a bit on some levels.

This may be due to the computer you are using not having as high a spec as we would like. You could try logging out and using another browser (we recommend Firefox rather than IE). Clearing the history can also help. However, if the graphics card is not of a high enough quality, or you have been using the game for a long time, it is best to take a break and log in again later.

I am stuck in Level 4 in Anna’s office.

You may have missed the message which says ‘I need to find marketing companies to help me’ which requires Anna to go to her desk and do a number of tasks including two phone calls. Then to head to the meeting room.

I cannot move around the room.

It may be your mouse has not been disabled – if you see a message at the top of your screen choose ‘Allow’. Some browsers automatically disable the mouse for easy movement and some require you to ‘allow’.

Is there a faster way to get around?

You can access the map in Level 1 in the bottom right corner of the screen. To do this first press the spacebar – this re-enables the mouse so you can click on screen items while the game is frozen. Click on the map icon and click on the room you want to enter. Re-click the space to disable the mouse again for easy movement.

How do I get out of Level 3

You need to finish speaking to everyone and then go to the top of the stairs. The door will glow to get out.

I’m stuck behind a chair or item

In level 1 if you get stuck, click the space bar to re-enable your mouse and use the map icon in the bottom right corner to jump to another room. If on another level, click the ‘I’ to access the instruction screen and choose the ‘reset’ button. This takes you back to the start of the level position but keeps your points.

How do I get out of a level?

There are different ways out of the levels. Pay particular attention to messages on the screen to guide you to the next task to get out. In summary, when you have collected the right clues and talked to all relevant people: Level 1: The door you came in in reception will glow; Level 2: The keypad on the building where Matt’s party is being held will glow for you to enter the code; Level 3: The door at the top of the stairs will glow; Level 4 (Gilly): You need to make your choice on the wall of the Meeting Room.

I can’t get the game to work on my tablet.

Sadly this version will not work on an Tablet or Mobile devices. We are working on a new version that will be compatible with these devices.

I pushed the back button and my points are not showing.

In the current version pushing the back button will result in losing the session so please don’t do this. You will need to close down and log in again.

I cannot log in.

Check you are using the original username and password you specified. If this doesn’t work, reregister with a new username. If you cannot do this contact us and we will reset your account.

I feel sick when I play the game.

We have noticed a very small minority of players experience a form of motion sickness when they play the game. Although some keen players have persevered and some have overcome it, we certainly don’t want anyone to feel sick and so would advise you not to play the game if you suffer any discomfort.

The game will not load not enough memory in the browser

Some computers are not at a high enough spec to run WebGL. If this happens, you will need to access another computer with a higher spec.

The game looks strange on my machine and doesn’t function properly

The most likely reason for this is you are using IE – IE does not support WebGL and so you need to use Firefox or Chrome.

The game seems frozen

Before refreshing the page (which will take you back to the start of the level you are on) try pressing the spacebar which might free up the movement. Also sometimes accessing a clue in the inventory and then clicking out of it forces the game to unfreeze.

I have registered but haven’t received a password

Please note if you have tried to register and have not received a password, this could be because your institution has not joined the community to participate or that you have not used your institution’s email to gain access. Private emails such as, etc., are not recognised.



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